Stacked Strips

Lets have a look at some Stacked Strips

This plugin fixes elements to the screen when they reach the top of the screen, allowing the next element to scroll over the top, stacking the elements on top of one another.

There are options that can be passed to the plugin to adapt the way it behaves:

strip_size: either 'full' which stretches the element to the screen size or a pixel value. Default: 'full'.

active_position: a number value (in percentage) of how far into the strip an 'active' class is added, this allows you to add animations when a strip comes into view. Default: 50.

after_class: true or false - whether to add a class to the previous strip when a strip becomes active. This allows you to animate the previous slide away as the new one comes into view. Default: false


Default Usage:

Passing Inline Options:
$('element').stacked_strips({active_position: 60, after_class: true});

Passing Options Through a Variable:
var options = {
active_position: 60,
after_class: true,